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Environmental Reforestation

Fighting Climate Change

Why Help Us

Our planet is losing 15 billion trees per year.  These trees play a critical role in the sustainability of our planet.  Without them, climate change will continue to accelerate. 

Please join in our efforts to make our planet healthier.

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Donate a tree to the world logo

We do this one tree at a time. You can help by donating a tree for just $5.

Donate a Tree to the World

We are focused on reforestation and social empowerment.  Our projects fight climate change and help people who live in disadvantaged communities.

Donate a Tree to the World is dedicated to improving global environmental conditions by supporting reforestation projects throughout the world. 


Our projects serve the dual purpose of providing economic and social support to disadvantaged communities. 

We are committed to raising awareness of the global problem of deforestation and its negative impact on our climate.

Our Projects:

Help Us Reforest the Earth

Tree samling DATTTW.png

Donate a Tree to the World will plant a tree on your behalf for just $5.  After we plant your tree, we will take a photo of it and send it to you.  You will have a permanent record of the tree you made possible with your donation.

In a short few years, your tree will grow into a strong, important part of the landscape that provides significant benefit to the communities in which we work.  Just an acre of pine nut trees can mean a revenue source of $150 per year.  This is a very significant amount to a family living in poverty.

Together we are making a difference
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