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About Us

Donate a Tree to the World is a 501c3 nonprofit with the mission of fighting climate change through restoring our forests.  We are focused on three activities:

Raise awareness.  The more people are aware, the more they know and the more they talk about our environment, the more action they take.

Reforest our forests.  Our planet is losing 15 billion trees per year.  That is not sustainable.  We are planting trees that will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and create a more sustainable planet.

Help and involve the local population.  Over a billion people are already negatively affected by rising sea levels, reduced water supplies, and increased storm activities.  All of our projects involve and positively affect the local disadvantaged people most hurt by climate change.

We believe that people want to help and that they want to see the results of the help they give.  So our model is simple:  You donate a tree.  Then we plant it, take a picture of it and send that picture to you.  Every donor gets to see the tree that they donated.

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