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The Robbie KuppsMemorial Forest


In Robbie’s Own Words

The world is a big project with many people working on it.  What part will be my project? Everything in nature is connected.  All of the answers are found in nature.  What is my project to add to the world?

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The Robbie Kupps Memorial Forest!

Robbie was a very special person.  Sadly, last year we lost him just as he was starting out in life. But his goal of “planting a forest one day” is now our goal.  Please join us!  We are planting 20,000 trees in his memory in an effort to restore forests in Sierra de Quila in Jalisco, Mexico.  This protected reserve, which has been fighting the damaging effects of climate change for years, will be restored and transformed into a beautiful mountain forest that bears Robbie’s name forever.

Our goal is to plant his forest with 20,000 trees!

With your help we can do it!

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Let Me Tell You About
Roberto “Robbie” Kupps

Robbie was born and raised in Mexico and was a very special young man.  He loved travel, hiking, nature, and diving. His energy and love of life had no bounds. He had an infectious, bright, and positive outlook on life which impacted everyone who knew him.  He had just graduated from The University of Arizona and was about to start his career as an electrical computer engineer.  After his passing, we discovered that Robbie wanted to “plant a forest” so please join us in accomplishing his dream.

About Sierra de Quila

Sierra de Quila is one of the most beautiful forests you can imagine.  It is located in the west-central part of Mexico and is at an altitude of more than 1,300 meters above sea level (4,000 feet).  La Quila is a protected reserve where recent hotter dry seasons and a bark beetle plague have significantly degraded certain areas of the forest.  These 20,000 trees planted in Robbie’s name will start the healing process both for the forest and for those who miss Robbie deeply.

Donate a Tree to the World is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax deductible.

A receipt that you can use for tax purposes will be automatically emailed to you after you make your donation.

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